Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump’s Victory Was A Victory For America

Despite all the hype, media and controversies surrounding Donald J. Trump, here are 10 Reasons why his Presidency is a victory for America… even if he is not your favorite person.

1. Hillary for Prison! — If it were not for the fact that Hillary Clinton is one of the most politically connected people on the planet, her next home would be a cell block, not Pennsylvania Avenue. With the ever growing mountain of evidence confirming her criminal involvement in: treasonous acceptance of foreign donations, destruction of evidence, mishandling of classified information, obstruction of justice, charity fraud, election fraud, accepting bribes, embezzlement, influence peddling, money laundering, perjury and connections to a mounting list of dead people who have crossed her path, this woman is a criminal that should not have been allowed to campaign for the highest office in our Nation. Having lost the election, her private criminal investigations can continue without disrupting the office of the Presidency.

2. Foreign Interests, Wall Street & Globalization — The President of the United States of America is of course supposed to be the #1 person protecting the interests of … the United States of America.

Although this sounds obvious, we are now at a time and place where this simple fact is becoming confused. Conflicts of interest are a serious problem. Especially when our leaders increasingly have ties with multi-national: agencies, organizations, charities, think-tanks, lobbying firms and large corporations that promote agendas that consider our Country as one among many equals. This allegiance to America is further tested when Political Elites receive Millions of dollars in support from these same foreign interests to promote agendas and ideology that are often in direct opposition to what the people of the United States want.

The question is: Who does the President work for? When negotiating International deals on behalf of America that involve our military, trade, human rights, alliances, embargoes, international laws, monetary policy, the environment…etc. it matters whose interests you have at heart. Donald Trump paid for his own campaign out of his own pocket and will only take $1 per year in salary as President to prove he is for America first. No candidate for President has ever received more money from foreign interests and had a longer list of potential conflicts of interest than Hillary Clinton and voters took note of this.

3. Death of the Constitution — Despite the minority opinion that our Founding Fathers were just an outdated bunch of bozos who did not know what they were doing, most Americans still believe in the Social Contract of supporting our Government in exchange for the rights and protections afforded to us by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Furthermore, the majority of Americans believe that the Constitution is still the highest law in the land and that nobody is above the Law. Nobody.

When a person takes an oath of office of any importance in public service, and especially when it comes to being President, it is to UPHOLD the Laws and Constitution of our Country (or States) not to undermine, circumvent, ignore or destroy them. So, unless you are a person who is okay with: arbitrary application of law, limited free speech, relinquishing your right to bear arms, the criminalization of religious expression, a limited right to assemble, having no expectation of habeas corpus/due process/a fair trial, no expectation of privacy and not concerned with an increasingly militarized surveillance State where all powers and rights are vested with the Government instead of the individual, you should care about who is most willing to uphold your Constitutional rights.

For those of you who don’t understand the phrase “Make America Great Again”, it starts with the idea that the government is here to serve the people, not the other way around.

4. The “Establishment’s” Rigged System — The success of Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders to a lesser degree, to successfully mount legitimate campaigns against hand picked leaders of the Political Establishment illustrates the power of a growing worldwide Populist Movement on both sides of the political spectrum. Opposing political elitism, their runaway successes highlighted to the Establishment where the weak points are in their almost impenetrably rigged political process. This year’s coin tosses, super-delegates, Main Stream Media bias and Electoral College manipulation, have proven how deadly serious the Establishment is about using any means necessary to maintain control of the game.

It has also revealed which independent news, radio, internet sites and social networks have been the most successful in getting out an alternative news viewpoint. If given the opportunity for retribution during the next term, the Establishment will work to make the political process even more air tight and these independent media channels are likely to be hamstrung, villainized and silenced. Despite their best efforts, Donald J. Trump has overcome the multitude of obstacles thrown at him and constant media attacks to become the first seriously Independent Candidate in decades, who has beaten the Establishment at their own game.

The Elites were caught off guard by the force of the people’s will this time around and an underdog candidate has won with a populist grassroots vote and there might not be another chance like this again. What will America look like with an independent leader who was not forced to kiss the ring of the Political Establishment or bow to the World Elites’ agenda? We have a rare opportunity to find out.

5. The Bankruptcy of America — There are reasons why the Political Elite want to keep Americans as uneducated as possible, especially when it comes to basic math. Barack Obama has more than doubled the National Debt during his Presidency and brought the United States to the precipice of Bankruptcy with our current National Debt nearing TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS ($20,000,000,000,000).

This nearly insurmountable debt, and debt service, has many people questioning if the ultimate goal of those in power to intentionally bring about the intentional collapse of our current Economic System and Fiat Currency in order to destroy American exceptionalism and our Super Power status. Very few people can imagine the ultimate Bankruptcy of the United States and failure of our current Economic System. Wall Street and our Government have exploited this psychological denial and “too-big-to-fail” mentality to the max for short term private gain over long term public stability.

Many do not realize that the Central Banking System has achieved 99% control over the finances of the entire world population. In this Economic System countries are viewed as giant corporations that can fail, have asset sales and go through bankruptcy and restructuring. It is hard to believe our own leaders would intentionally try to set us up for the fall and impoverish us so that we would be forced to humbly accept the terms given to us by the One World Government/United Nations system/Central Banking System, but this Chomsky’s “Problem-Reaction-Solution” Boom, Bust and Bailout scenario seems to be inevitable unless we grab the steering wheel and avoid the impending collision. Donald Trump has vowed to lead this Country to a new level of prosperity and to cut off the parasites who have only used American wealth for their own benefit while contributing nothing. With an America First mentality, a shrewd business perspetive and the art of the deal negotiation, Donald Trump may be our answer to finding a new prosperity that benefits all of America.

6. Obama 2.0 — If you are disturbed by the radicalized liberal agenda that has taken hold of our political landscape and grown on steroids during the Presidency of Barack H. Obama, than we need someone other than Hillary Clinton to avoid a continuation of his policies. It is one thing to be respectful and not persecute people for their alternative beliefs and lifestyles, but letting the tail wag the dog is another thing. We have elected a President who will make crucial lifetime appointments to our Supreme Court and who will counter-balance the current liberal majority with conservative moral leadership.

If you are opposed to an aggressive political agenda in the White House or Supreme Court that deconstructs the Constitution, undermine’s the rule of law, favors secularism over religious belief, cowers to pro-Muslim/Sharia objectives, redefines mankind’s most sacred institutions, incites minority rights radicalization, panders to feminist extremism, embraces Socialism and plays host to a circus of fringe political positions, than you a friend in Donald Trump. As opposed to someone who spent the last 20+ years in public service as an Establishment insider for the Progressive Movement, Donald Trump will bring a new type of Conservatism to America.

7. Obamacare — It is completely understandable that people wanted affordable Universal Health Care, especially given the exorbitant costs and greed associated with the for-profit Medical Industry that left many people unable to afford basic coverage. The majority of American people wanted change and trusted Barack Obama to bring to our Country a style of Universal Health Care like what many other socialized Nations in the developed world have. Unfortunately, trying to merge the Capitalistic interests of the Medical Industry with Uncle Sam’s open checkbook has been a recipe for financial disaster.

A Socialized Health Care System for our Country may have been possible before the 1980’s when most Hospitals and health care facilities viewed themselves as a public trust, but now that medicine has become an estimated $3.5 Billion Dollar Industry…no chance. Not only has everything related to the Affordable Health Care Act not gone as planned, delivered less than promised, taken longer than expected and cost double or triple what was anticipated, it will only get worse in the future. With the wave of aging Baby Boomers already beginning to overwhelm the system, future generations will be left holding the bag just like what is happening with Social Security.

Are you okay with the Government having control of all your medical information? What if they start dictating your future health choices? Are you okay with them setting your deductibles and then double dipping into your paycheck by setting their own premiums AND increasing your taxes to cover their losses? If you have a problem with any of that, you now understand why many people are up in arms about Obamacare. Donald Trump is looking to cut our losses and overhaul our National Healthcare to make it better for everyone.

8. Hillary Health — Hillary Clinton has some VERY SERIOUS health issues that the press has been helping to suppress which likely would have impeded her ability to lead this Country. Although she was been able to take off for several days at a time to rest and receive sustaining medical care to look healthy for press appearances and debates, her ability to heartily lead the Country and maintain her health for theses coming four-years was in serious question.

Hillary has known issues with her Thyroid and has had serious blood clots in the past which lead to her being out of commission for a year with a serious head injury. Combine that with the fact that she has had difficulty in maintaining her balance, has suffered multiple seizures, has collapsed in public and has several other common symptoms of a degenerative disease and you start to wonder if there was something more serious going on. All of these episodes have been dismissed as momentary set-backs attributed to minor ailments, but with a healthy skepticism of the “official story” you might understand why people were making Hillary’s health a real issue of concern.

The stresses and demands upon the Commander in Chief are real and take years off of a person’s life. Campaigning to win the Presidency with a serious undisclosed degenerative illness was not shooting straight with the American people and it is good that a healthy and vigorous Donald Trump won the Election.

9. The Main Stream Media. When businesses use the media to affect your behavior it’s called Marketing. When the Government does it, it’s called propaganda. What do you call it when Big Business and Government work together to manipulate you… Mind Control? Whatever you call it, it’s scary and it’s happening right now in a big way.

Only a handful of people are in a position to witness news events happen in real time and very few people have the desire or ability to investigate the truth back to its original source. So at some point, we are all dependent on the media to help us understand what is going on around us. It all boils down to: Who do you trust? Most people subconsciously believe that the bigger the brand name, the more authority it has as being “Officially” true. So whether it’s household names like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Reuters, Associated Press, Politico, Buzzfeed, NPR, Google, Twitter, Facebook etc…all the way down to your favorite local newspaper, TV or Radio station. If you recognize the name and it’s been around awhile, it’s “Official”.

Since the 1980’s there has been a vast consolidation of the majority of these name brand media sources under a handful of Umbrella Corporations. It is this illusion of choice that keeps people from realizing that despite the different faces and mediums, we are largely consuming the same underlying media messages. With the high stakes political showdown that’s unfolding and high profile email leaks, we have been given a rare insight into which online news sources, social media networks, pundits, political figures and celebrities are in collusion with Big Government and are operating as bought and paid for propagandists. They parrot the same scripted talking points and seek to steer us towards the same predetermined agenda. With the majority of the Name Brand Media repeating the same thing on multiple platforms, people tend to believe what is said in the absence of other information.

If it were not for independent internet bloggers, alternative news sources, social networking and talk radio, there would be little opposition to the current narrative. Now, even these last bastions of free speech and independent journalism are coming under attack and have been threatened with censorship, restrictions and marginalization unless they conform to a Politically Correct (i.e. Globally Progressive) agenda. If you use the logic of warfare which says “the enemy of your enemy is your friend”, then if the Main Stream Media doesn’t have your back, Donald J. Trump is clearly your friend.

10. Isis, the Middle East, Russia and You. War is Big Business. Oil is Big Business. Banking is Big Business. Government is Big Business… and right now BUSINESS is good. At least if you’re the one profiting from it and not on the other end of the gun. Although Americans are often divided on social issues and choose to vote Republican or Democrat based on these self-identification differences, both parties seem to be quite in sync when it comes to war and money.

Establishment politicians blame each other about war when it’s time to get elected but when inauguration day comes, its Business as usual. So whether you voted for a Bush or a Clinton in the past, the agenda appears to have been the same. Do these people work for you or for Big Business? Well, to answer that question you should always follow the money. Since George Bush Senior took office in the 1980’s up to the present, we have been in a perpetual state of war against Terrorism, Drugs and the Middle East. These “Wars” have been the official premise for intentionally destabilizing and invading foreign Nations around the Globe and especially the Middle East. We have killed hundreds of thousands of people and imprisoned countless others, taken control of much of the World’s oil supply, imposed Central Banking on holdout Countries, flooded the world with Muslim refugees and spent Billions and Billions of dollars for whose ultimate good? The good of the American People? The good of the citizens of these Foreign Nations? The good of the Middle East? No. The only people these “Wars” have benefited are the wealthy Globalists and their Corporations that profit from Big Business.

Big Business benefits from both sides of International Conflict. Consider that we are fighting Muslim groups we once armed and trained, that much of what has motivated us to go along with these perpetual offensives around the Globe are a series of False Flag events and that right now we are getting closer to a full blown World War with Russia over Syria in order to build a Multi-National pipeline, then you might start to resent the Elitists who are perpetually pushing us towards a State of War. The Big Picture is that the real money being made in the World isn’t being made selling hamburgers and lemonade back in the Good ol’ USA, it is being made by the Industrial Military Complex and by exploiting the resources of the less developed Nations of the World.

It’s not that Isis, bad dictators and undesirable regimes don’t exist. They do. The problem is that our Government chooses where to be involved based on where it can profit the most, not by humanitarian interests. We have obliterated the Middle East and have have provoked Muslims to the point of waging a Holy War against us. Our own Government has covertly trained and armed Muslim extremists for years and created what is now Isis to destabilize whole Nations. Having benefited from this destabilization our Government then turns around and uses Isis as the “Boogeyman” that justifies all the military interventions and “Big Business” enterprises in the region. By allowing our Government to engage in these activities in the Middle East and throughout the World, The United States has become the Evil Empire that the World increasingly hates.

The “War” on Terror and Drugs have not only harmed Muslims and Foreigners abroad, it has been used as a weapon against us, American Citizens, as the pretext to take away our National Sovereignty, civil liberties and Constitutionally protected rights. By removing these barriers to outside influence of our National affairs, we are allowing America to become neutered in it’s ability to lead the Free World as an example of freedom, democracy, liberty and equality. Fear is the tactic being used to browbeat Citizens into forfeiting their Civil Rights in exchange for Government’s protection. No good is coming from any of this other than the empowerment of a Totalitarian Global Government and the enrichment of the World’s wealthiest people. As a leader of the Progressive Movement, Hillary Clinton was for Big Government and has privately advocated for open borders and a relationship between American and the rest of the World akin to the European Union. Donald Trump on the other hand is not seeking a geopolitical world government agenda. Although not an isolationist, Trump is seeking an America First perspective with our military priorities and desires to strengthen our Military for our own objectives, he was against the invasion of Iraq and he wants peace with Russia. It is my hope that he will end these perpetual “States of War” and promote a state of peace that promotes a mutual respect for the sovereignty of Nations.

With Hillary Clinton it would have been “Game on”.

Do you have more to add to the story? Please leave your comments below.


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